How To Be Productive Hubiwise

How to be productive every day

How to be productive every day

How To Be Productive Hubiwise
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I have this feeling, actually every day, that I can never finish what I wanted to do for the day. My to-do list is just always too long. I think time and self management is a thing most people can relate to, we all need it somehow, be it in professional or private life. And we all have goals and aims we want to achieve, even though there’s many obstacles in the way. What’s the best ways to be and stay productive. It requires far more than just making a simple to-do list. Your whole character and attitude has to be involved and improved if you want to be productive and realise your long-term goals. Let’s break it down.

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Self-Determination for the year ahead

It’s always good to have a plan and goals for the year to work for. I definitely want to create videos for the Youtube channel on a regular basis and this should all be about my thoughts on human nature, human relations, human experience and basically about what the hell is going on in life and… What’s the point of all this? Big questions right? Well, let me begin with the concept of self-determination, why it matters and what it means.

Self-determination means taking control of your life. It means freedom to be and do what you want, and the capacity to achieve it. Let’s be honest, to want something is one thing, but to have the guts and stamina to go for it and walk the talk is another thing. Theory and praxis are not the same. So self-determination means both, knowing what you want, and actually doing something, taking the necessary steps to achieve it. You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do – that sums it up pretty neatly.

It is human nature to be active and to influence things in our surroundings, each of us in our own special way. Our capacities are always limited, because we are limited beings, obviously. But it’s only natural for us to get up in the morning and do stuff throughout the day. Just try to lie the whole day in bed after you rested well, and you will see how difficult it is to remain motionless. Your body craves for expression in action, and that’s a good thing. It means being alive.

Now, we all set certain goals and make plans, but often it is difficult to achieve those, because our own habits stand in our way of success. For example, I strive to work out in gym regularly, and make certain home exercises every day. I love physical training, but we know there’s lots of people for whom working out is a hard thing to do. Others want to quit smoking and it’s difficult for them too. The list of undesired habits goes on and on. Some of them might be trivial, others might be more profound having to do with temperament and character traits.

So why is it difficult to achieve personal goals? It’s because you need to break with habits and confront the false beliefs in your mind that prevent you from realising your objective. And that’s the most difficult thing to do. Although it’s hard, we should always try our best, because every attempt to establish a new useful habit contributes to our final success in future. At the beginning you will fail many times, you’ll smoke that cigarette, you’ll skip that gym session, you’ll do that damn thing you didn’t want to do, but the constant awareness of your desired objective and the little attempts and efforts will over time make it easier for you to renounce and surrender the bad habit, and do the new thing that you wanted to do better and easier. Just keep on moving and don’t give up at every failed attempt, because the path to success (you define what success means to you) is made by little daily failures – until the new behaviour, the new habit grows strong enough to fail you no more.

I hope you can finally see why new year’s resolutions often don’t work. They don’t work initially, because people’s objective might likely be superficial and the motivation to walk the talk just isn’t given. But if you really, badly want to achieve something, you will have the internal motivation to make the attempts over and over again, until you’ll see the results you want to see. That’s determination, self-determination. And the training of new daily habits through consistent attempts strengthens your will power. It’s lots of work and you need to make the physical and mental effort. Nothing comes through self-inflicted laziness.

So to sum it up, achieving difficult results is a matter of character change where you establish a new habit, or a new way of thinking in your daily life, through which you break with your past and your false beliefs. It might be a painful process if you don’t have enough initial motivation to guide you, but eventually if you remain persistent, you’ll always get somewhere, even if it’s just a realisation what’s good and bad for you. That’s self-determination and freedom to lead your life. And true freedom requires constant work and vigilance. It’s the type of freedom into which we need to grow into as responsible adults. It doesn’t come on its own. But the effort is definitely worth it.

If you desire something new in your life and you know it’s a good thing for you and your environment, stop making excuses and start as soon as possible. Take the first step, even if it’s just about making a plan of action. Then, make sure to keep on moving and see where it’s taking you. Then review your progress, adjust if necessary, and repeat with new insights.

That my words of wisdom. Stay tuned for another session of insight and inspiration.


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