We present unique narratives in short film form based on the humanistic values of a Global Culture. We ask BIG questions. We demand BIG answers.

In the visual form of short film we show specifically what is means to be human and to act rightfully. We explore how values and ideals can be implemented in practical situations of life to resolve inner and outer conflicts.

More projects will be added as we progress with the conceptualisation and production, so stay tuned to the upcoming updates.

Introspection  /  Fashion  /  10 minutes

The Rascal

The mesmerising tale of breaking inner limits revolves around a young thief and provides some insights into the power of habits and character-building.

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Fairy Tale  /  Nature  /  Spirituality

InTo the clearing

An exhausted employee takes a break from his corporate life and ventures into the woods where he discovers what matters most.

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Martial Arts  /  Tricking  /  Action

Flash Kick

A modern-day warrior fights his way through the ranks of the underworld in pursuit of a noble goal in this action-driven and visually dazzling tale about idealism and art of movement.

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