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Flash Kick

Master your actions. Purify your heart. Know your mind.


Into the lion's den

A nameless hero finds himself at the start of his passage of rite through the dark corridors of an unknown building in search of his kidnapped younger brother. The only help he can count on is his common sense and Mixed Martial Arts skills. The gentle warrior sets out on a journey that will challenge the strength of his character.

The opponents

Soon enough he encounters Kamal, the leader of the gang and the ultimate enemy, who intimidates the hero by invoking the greatest fear he will have to face. The warrior is called on to find his way to Kamal by fighting each of his three aides: Hathan, Bhakt and Janen.

fight now!

The malicious gang leaders disband across distant parts of the complex, leaving the hero with faceless gang fighters. The hero is ready to face the thugs and take on each of the three pack leaders one by one on his mission to find and defeat Kamal in this derelict place.


In the process the nameless hero must recognise why he fights in the first place. Each fight makes him find out more about himself and his relation to the opponents. It turns out only a complete mastery of thoughts and feelings will make it possible for him to defeat Kamal and rescue his brother. Does our hero have the stamina and wits to succeed?

The next opponent waits around the corner…

the villains from the gang


vice: indulgence

Hathan is the first foe to face. He represents indulgence and riotousness of desires. The hero needs to remain restrained and in control of his impulses in order to defeat Hathan. The very first one-on-one fight will be pretty tough and crude.


Vice: perturbation

Bhakt is a very skilled and agile fighter. He represents the emotional chaos we experience frequently in our lives. The nameless hero needs to master his feelings and keep his emotional passions in check to face Bhakt confidently and successfully.


Vice: presumption

Janen is the master fighter and an unbelievably sneaky opponent. Once she finds your weak points, you're lost. She'll use her skills to bring you down, but not without playing a game with you. She represents intellectual presumption and cold-blooded unscrupulousness. The hero will need to be mentally sovereign and clear on his goals and intentions to defeat her.


Vice: power

Kamal is handsome, charismatic, intelligent and incredibly skilled fighter. He is the leader of the gang and the ultimate obstacle on our hero's way to save his little brother. The fight will be hard as Kamal intimidates our hero in an attempt to make him feel insecure about himself. The hero will need all his strength, experience and insight to enter into the fight as a warrior capable to stand his ground against Kamal's ruthless game.


the abandoned factory

The derelict factory complex will be the background for the many fights taking place as the protagonist is getting ever closer to encounter his ultimate opponent.


in search of kidnapped brother

The hero's little brother is waiting to be rescued. Many gang members, three leaders and one master stand in the hero's way to be reunited with his family.