Design & Video: Global, Digital Production


Normally you would expect to read this is about some kind of a production company and stuff, but to us that would sound awfully formal. It wouldn’t represent accurately who we are, because we are unlike any other production company you probably heard of.

We are young. We are free. We are not free of charge. 🙂

We wear trainers. We tell jokes. We have visions. We do our job and we like to hang out too.

We are an independent global collaboration of like-minded and talented people who get involved in exciting and creative projects. We go the unusual ways. We don’t get restricted by places. We work globally, from wherever we are and whenever we can. Digital technologies connect us and help us achieve our goals and synchronise workload.

We think this is the best of times we could ever live in, no matter what headlines say. We strive to use the best alternatives, the best opportunities the world today is giving us. We don’t cower. We don’t complain. We don’t winch. We always wonder: how can we contribute next?

We love getting to know people. And above all we love working with nice people! We hope there’s enough of us out there with a similar mind set.

Please DO contact us if you:

  • love people
  • smile a lot;
  • embrace creativity;
  • have a vision for your project;
  • appreciate other people’s workload;
  • are a good person;

Please DON’T contact us if you:

  • are stubborn;
  • rush things;
  • make no compromises;
  • don’t have a vision for your project;
  • don’t appreciate other people’s workload;

Design and video production is our passion. If we can help you in any way with your creative project, please drop us a hint. We can surely grab a tea / coffee / hot chocolate / orange juice and have a chat.




Web design: We design for online media. We use CMS like wordpress. We don’t host your pages, so you will need to find a host yourself. But we can help you with that.

Graphic design: We love digital art. We love illustration. We do graphic design. We don’t do printing. We’d love to get involved in experimental, graphical work, be it for websites, applications, or as concept art. Challenge us.

Motion graphics: We do motion graphics for commercials, promos and films. If you need an animated video, or title design for your short film, let us know.


Video editing: We can put your video together. We pay attention to detail and consider rhythm, variety of motives and excitement in the compilation of your sequences.

Colour correction: to use the best potential of your footage we colour-grade to tell your story in an attractive way. We want to see visual treats. We’ll make your footage work. Or we’ll give you advise on how to make it better next time.



We’re talented collaborators consisting of designers, animators, programmers, editors, colour graders, Directors of Photography and more. Get in touch so that we can tell you more about how we could help you with your vision and what people would be needed for that.




Studio hire 

Please check our space and prices below. We offer a studio for hire for various creative purposes: commercial, (short) film, corporate, promotional. The space comes equipped with 4 lights, 8 gels in different colours (2x red, 2x orange, 2x green, 2x blue), 6 colourama backgrounds (white, grey, black, red, yellow, blue), 3x styropor plates for light reflection, various stands for support, a table and chairs.