Ethics for mentality

Ethics for mentality

When you use the intellect (reason, mentality) to think about issues and draw conclusions, rational motive becomes the motivation for your decisions instead of spontaneous emotional impulses.

Emotional ethics is about ennobling feelings so that we develop positive outlooks on life and compassionate tendencies when dealing with fellow people. Mental ethics represents a further step in development in which mentality is taken into consideration.

The driving force for emotional behaviour is desire. Our likes and dislikes which influence our actions are based on emotionality, such as longing, craving, distaste, hatred etc. But that’s not the only way we can base our decisions on. We can also use mentality as a driving force for our expressions. Then rational motive, not likes and dislikes, becomes the crucial motivation for our speech and behaviour.

Mental Development

Developing mentality is not about becoming a dry, intellectual person. Personal development is about adding new faculties to the character, not about completely sacrificing anything that has existed before. It’s about becoming a more rational, mental all-rounder who still uses emotionality in various circumstances. Rationality extends the capabilities of a person immensely, letting us make better-informed and more objective decisions that can benefit not just the individual, but above all groups and communities.

Pure emotionality in its essence is egoistic. Any likes and dislikes are just personal preferences. But the intellect can analyse situations objectively and thus define which actions are best that would benefit people. Mentality makes abstractions and considers various factors, while emotionality is mostly all about one’s own benefit.

Emotionality stops being egoistic, when we ennoble our feelings - which is the objective of emotional development. But as a fulfilled character it’s also important to know things. That’s why mentality is necessary. Once you think for yourself, you make better choices and your personality becomes more independent and sovereign. Developing emotionality is about positive and noble feelings and...


Personal development

Knowledge (mentality) and compassion (noble emotionality) have to go hand in hand, so that behaviour is led by the right motivation. Otherwise knowledge and feeling can be put to bad use by selfish motives. It’s important that emotional and mental development complement one another so that a balanced and well-tempered character results from personal development.