As a creative person I'm interested in three things: lifestyle, travels, and mindset. Ultimately, my focus lies on the exploration of human nature and reality through visual culture and entertainment.

Today's interconnected world has created a good deal of material wealth which I consider great but not as the ultimate goal of human development. We might have gained a plenty of materialistic possessions and reached incredible heights in technology and infrastructure. However, I believe this is only a foundation for a real, global culture that will eventually come in far future.

We as an international community have neglected and forgotten about the emotional and intellectual development based on genuine ethics and ancient wisdom. These can give people actual fulfilment and meaning to their everyday life. My objective is to bring the old and new ideas together using the methods of today to make sense out of today's salad of facts, opinions and ideas.

My answer to the meaning of life is the development of personality - the unfolding, maintaining and growing of emotional and mental faculties. In a way it's a kind of entertaining self-help manual that I'm trying to create that shall be close to reality and hopefully not delusional. This objective falls under the category MINDSET & CULTURE. My agenda is to focus on essentials, to give the viewer a synthesis of views about what it means to be good, so that there can be a generic framework for a common life view that is based on helpful insights and not wishful thinking.

I strongly believe in art and aesthetics. I'm interested in simple but stylish everyday's menswear and accessories. I try to figure out how this can apply well for different occasions and situations. I'd also like to give young men for their future some advice about looks and attitudes. I know growing up can be hard and society doesn't seem to care much about giving boys (and girls) good, honest and real life advice. I'm trying to meet this demand and do this favour especially for young men trough my LIFESTYLE channel.

Finally, through my TRAVEL channel I'd like to inspire you. I love traveling and consider it to be the best source of creativity, personal growth and the ultimate experience of freedom. It ties up neatly with my other two objectives. Whenever I can I'll do my best to report about beautiful places and give recommendations on what to see and where to stay.

I strive to complete the bigger picture and to point out why we behave the way we do, and what we should be striving for to flourish together in peace and harmony as a global community. It’s about transcending superficial cultural differences and getting to the bottom of our fundamental principles.

In the spirit of humanism I'd like to encourage you to fact-based thinking, emotional self-control, and determined action in your daily life. Join me on the journey!