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Minimalist Traveling in Mallorca
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Traveling is my big passion. I decided to fly to the island of Mallorca off the coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. I’m going to use this incredible short trip as an example of a minimalist travel and show you that you really don’t need much to go and explore. Also, let me inspire you with the stunning landscapes that the island has to offer. The theme is and always will be: KEEP IT SIMPLE, yo!

Packing light as a Minimalist

I wanted to take no additional luggage apart from a backpack. Everything fitted in there: my camera, gear, cables, and also my wardrobe. I really didn’t take much and still could hardly close the backpack. I tried to keep it as convenient and comfortable as possible for myself and it worked out.

Hubi backpacking as minimalist in Palma de Mallorca

I only stayed a couple of days, so I knew I could afford taking just as much as possible. You might wonder, why should minimalist traveling be a big deal. Well, let me give you a few benefits: first of all, you’re very flexible. It’s a relief not to have too much on you so that you can stay flexible when you need to change places. Also, you keep your mind at ease when you know that most of the time you have your valuables with you and don’t need to worry that the luggage might get lost somewhere.

Here's the most important insight: by getting along with as little as possible in a foreign country you learn that you really don’t need much to be happy. Too many possessions possess you. Keep it simple, remember? Take only what you really need. The reason why you travel as a minimalist is to take a break, re-calibrate your mind, relax, experience something new and be inspired by a new environment and new people. Memories will be your most valuable treasure that you bring back home and that will change your mind forever.

Majestic Mallorca landscapeMallorca Minimalist Living And TravelHubi traveling in Port de Pollenca, Mallorca

minimalist travel essentials

You might wonder: what are the travel essentials that you should take on your travel? Apart from the usual stuff such as underwear, clothes, body care products and photo camera I recommend taking a portable USB charger for your phone and other electronic devices. The batteries might run out very quickly, and you don’t know in what situation you will end up in the middle of the day or night. Be prepared and have your charger always with you on the go.

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Furthermore, I recommend taking a stabiliser for your phone or camera if you intend to film. Shaky shots are annoying, so use a gimbal that would improve your film quality. I use the Zhiyun crane M2 on my trips. It’s perfect for mobile phones and small camcorders or mirrorless cameras. In fact, I shot all my videos from the Mallorca trip with the help of Zhiyun crane M2.

Zhiyun Gimbal Recommendation for Minimalist TravelerWatch Gimbal Recommendation On Youtube

Last but not least, it’s important that you have the right bag for your trip. For your minimalist travel I highly recommend a spacious backpack that has a slot for your laptop and also additional compartments for really little things that can get lost very easily such as cards, keys, cables, you name it! With the proper travel backpack you can take much more stuff.

Also, a hard shell cover makes sure the backpack doesn’t collapse on itself when you take out stuff. In this way the whole backpack stays well compartmentalised even when empty which can give you a great overview when packing or planning where to put all your stuff in. If you’re interested to find out more about this backpack that I had on my trip, check out the links below.

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I have to admit I could only afford traveling like a minimalist because I only went for a few days. If I had stayed for a week or even longer, I would have really needed additional luggage. Your clothes just get incredibly dirty and smelly in hot climate very quickly and especially if you move a lot - which is what I do. That’s why minimalist traveling solely with a backpack is possible only for short trips. However, I still claim that even for long trips you don’t need to take much to stay happy. Even in such a case the principle of minimalism applies. Remember, it’s all about the experience, inspiration, the joy of getting out of your comfort zone and learning something new.

I hope you enjoyed my Mallorca and trip recommendations. If you liked it, feel free to leave a comment and please remember to subscribe to my Youtube channel. I love writing and making videos about self development, travels and creativity. I'm sure you'll find there something interesting.

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