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Today is the style day, so let’s start with the small things! ACCESSORIES might be your best style investment because once you put on an accessory, it makes you look better by default. However, bear in mind for a guy less is better. Accessories shall add small touches to your outfit that will catch the eye, but won’t distract from your looks. So what options does a guy have? Here’s my top 6 accessory picks that I like and use.

Number one is sun glasses. There are a few different shapes and forms so you need to figure out what goes well with the shape of your head or face and sometimes what color suits you. Don’t be one of those who wear sunglasses indoors as that makes you look a bit like a douchebag. Sunglasses serve one purpose and that is to protect your eyes from too much sun. When there's no sun, you just look weird indoors. And also, genuine human interactions are about eye contact. With sunglasses on when there’s no need for them you just create an invisible barrier for people. Unless that’s what you want to do, put them away.

Number two is belts. You should have at least two different belts depending on the occasion. If you're dressing up, use a thin belt. If you're dressing down, use a wider casual belt. Thinner belts are less obtrusive and look more elegant with formal pants. However when you're wearing denim or more casual clothing, wear a thicker belt so that it fills in the wider belt loops of the casual pants.

Number three is chains. Wearing one single chain or pendant is simple, stylish and easy. However, you can also layer them. But then make sure to mix and match them properly. Wearing multiple chains requires more of your attention. The more you put on the more stylish you can look because your style is going to look more complex. But if you're stacking necklaces make sure that they're different lengths.

Don’t do it with more than 3 chains with different lengths, like e.g. 20, 22 and 24 inch. Stacking your chains to make your outfit look more complex but also neater.

I do wear a chain over my t-shirt or underneath my shirt. It adds that little extra to the wardrobe. My necklace can be engraved. You can put a name, a special word or, and that’s a really cool idea, the coordinates of a location that is very special to you. You can also get this elegant, simple and customised necklace with your special text on it. I put the link for you down below where you can check it out and get a stylish piece at a discounted price with a promo code. This wonderful stainless steel bar necklace comes with or without engraving and in three different colours: gold, silver and black. It's a simple accessory to enhance your looks or bring joy to your family or friends as a gift. Check out the link down below. I’m sure you’ll love it.

Number four is watches. Wearing the right watch also depends on the formality. To make sure that you're wearing the right watch for the right outfit just look at the band. If the band is rubber then it is for sporty occasions. If the band is metal then this is a casual watch and finally if the band is leather then this is more for a formal occasion.

Number five is your wallet. You don’t want any unnecessary bulges in your pants, okay. It should always be thin, more of a card holder style. It forces you to have only the essential cards. Any additional stuff you'll probably not use but it's just making your wallet way too thick. It doesn’t look elegant in your pants. Keep it flat and simple.

Number six is your baseball cap. Everybody has lazy days or bad hair days, and in such cases a baseball cap can be very useful. Just don’t over use it. Once you need to dress to impress, you need to make the effort and actually style your hair and leave the cap at home. Don’t wear it as a convenient fallback every day.

That’s it, guys. Some tips and hints about men’s accessories. I hope you liked it. See you in the next one.

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