Our daily thoughtlessness in raising children

Bringing up children and our daily thoughtlessness

Change starts with adults: how our lack of self-reflection corrupts the development of next generations.

Our children reflect on their environment in their own ways.

There is hardly anything more important in society than raising children. The next generation is our future and the way we teach them to be is the way society is going to become. Children inherit our values and ideals. But they also inherit our idiosyncrasies and stupidities. The more shocking it is to witness examples of how thoughtless people act when it comes to raising their offspring.

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Political Spectrums Deconstructed

Political spectrums - deconstructed

Understanding the relationships between order, innovation and freedom.

Political labelling helps us characterise the variety of views. However, too much emphasis on those labels causes problems.

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of the political terms left-wing, right-wing, centrism, conservatism, liberalism and socialism? What kind of ideas do they really represent and why does it matter?

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Academic Education

Improving education

Making wisdom the essential factor in learning.

Academic education treats of intellect. However, our society needs to teach more emotional intelligence (wisdom).

Academic education is important and it has its value. However, it’s a relative value that seems to be overestimated.

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