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Discover the nature of human condition, inspiration for the motivational mindset, creativity ideas for an active daily life and the beauty of traveling.

Welcome! Be my guest and call me Hubi. I am digital designer and content creator by profession. I’ve always been keen on pushing my personal boundaries, traveling far and trying to improve as a person. After having worked full-time in a corporate environment for a long time, I grew tired of the daily routine and the never-ending commutes. I decided that there’s a life adventure waiting for me out there and went on a journey to Southeast Asia.

Ever since I’ve been going on travels to various destinations with the objective of turning my personal experience into something valuable that I could share. I discovered that a journey out into the world is also a journey inwards into yourself. I believe in positive mindset and good relations with people as a requirement for genuine, selfless character development. Join me on the exploration of the inner and outer world!

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Human Condition

Human nature consists of body sensations, emotions and thoughts. It's a mix that is ever developing towards more complexity and refinement. Our nature is constant evolution towards higher ideals.

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Travels & Culture

Traveling lets us learn more about other people, their cultures and modes of thinking. Each new place is a chance to see the world with its wonderful vibes differently. Explore the places I visited along with my tips and advice.

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I'm constantly in search of exciting products from the travel and self improvement niche. Let me provide you with lifestyle ideas and great gifts for your friends, family and yourself in my store section Jadenbree. I only recommend items or digital products that I used myself or in which I fully trust.

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