We explain human development of emotions and thoughts, individual and collective - We focus on essentials and provide a synthesis of concepts - We provide facts for a common and global life view - We focus on the best things in humanity.

The interconnected world has created a good deal of material wealth, but this cannot be the end of the story of human development. Many of us seem to disagree when it comes to admitting that we live fulfilling and satisfactory lives. We might have achieved a plenitude of materialistic possessions, but we have neglected our inner emotional and intellectual development.

Many people might also wonder: What is the meaning of life? And the answer to that is pretty simple: character development.

A character consists of our emotional and intellectual capabilities and now we have come full circle: the meaning of life is the development of personality by unfolding, maintaining and growing our emotional and mental faculties which in fact represent our developing character.

The same can be expressed as follows: the meaning of life is consciousness development, because the content of consciousness is our emotional and mental faculties. Thus, consciousness development equals character development equals personality development. The terms ‘character’, ‘personality’, ‘consciousness' describe the same process: the evolution of our inner subjective lives based on our objective experience.

That is why Jadespark focuses on the human development of emotions and thoughts by describing their workings, dynamics and their unfolding.

Furthermore, evolution is never just individual, but also collective, because human beings are social beings. We are always embedded into societies and our evolution is also the evolution of the various collectives we represent such as families, communities and nations. The overall stage of character development of many individuals will express itself in social norms, laws and conventions that those individuals endorse. That’s why the ways of a peaceful, wise and frictionless living together are another factor we highlight here at Jadespark.

Our agenda is to focus on essentials, to give the viewer the synthesis of today's knowledge about what it means to be human, so that we can have a framework for a common life view that is based on objective facts and not wishful thinking or delusions. Such a common life view has been lacking so far.

As a result our personal views of life are often confusing or lack the necessary objective insights. We think we understand but for the most part we only pretend to ourselves that we understand. What we eventually end up with is mere opinions or incomplete truths about reality.

While a world view is a society’s knowledge and point of view about the objective world around us, a life view is a conception of the subjective life of human beings and the ways how they should interact with each other based on their subjectivity. For the most past a life view depends on the world view.

At Jadespark we focus on the subjectivity and inner faculties of humanity which represent the life view aspect of reality. Why? Because the way we understand ourselves and treat each other is more important than understanding the world completely and precisely. There’s time for gaining knowledge, but there’s no time for delaying a peaceful and frictionless human co-existence. This is the most important task the world has always faced and we’ve been on the right track in the recent decades since World War II.

It’s important to keep the trend towards less conflict and more mutual cooperation. Globalisation happens here and now and it’s crucial that it’s the "right type of globalisation" that doesn’t sacrifice anyone in favour of someone else’s advantage.

Jadespark strives to complete the bigger picture and to point out what human nature is about, why we behave the way we do, and what we should be striving for to flourish together in peace and harmony as a global community. It’s about transcending superficial cultural differences and getting to the bottom of our fundamental human principles.

In the humanistic spirit we encourage the readers to evidence-based thinking, noble ideals and genuine action in our daily lives.