Human Nature Explained

We depict human emotionality and mentality, tell unique stories from around the world about character development, and envision the values characteristic of a growing global culture.

The modern world has created a good deal of material wealth, but this cannot be the end of the story of human endeavour. We might have achieved a plenitude of materialistic possessions, but the question arises whether we live fulfilling and satisfactory lives.

the answer to the question "What is the meaning of life?" is simple: character development.

Jadespark focuses on human emotional and mental development by describing the workings of inner experience. Our agenda is to focus on essentials, to give the viewer a synthesis of today's insights about what it means to be human, so that we can have a framework for a common global life view that is based on knowledge.

We strive to complete the bigger picture and to point out what human nature is about, why we behave the way we do, and what we should be striving for to flourish together in harmony as a global community. It’s about transcending superficial differences and getting to the bottom of fundamental principles.

Human Nature


Emotion is mentally blind excitement in consciousness. It is always associated with some thoughts. Pure emotion is irrationality, a raw activation energy that motivates us to action.

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Mentality is about relationships and proportions. Mentality (mind, intellect, reason) is rationality - the ability to reason: to recognise proportions, relationships, correlations and ratios in the world.

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